11.04.2020 - Spring 2020

The seniors Emelie (28.12.2009), Quana (30.05.2010) and Layla born (27.09.2011) wish a beautiful spring.

28.12.2019 - 10 years Emelie

Today Emelie von der Bachtalen celebrates her 10th birthday. We are happy and congratulate

Emelie von der Bachtalen.

21.07.2019 - A male dog is still looking for a home

A male dog is still looking for a loving home.

02.06.2019 - Wooly has puppies

We are happy and proud. On the 2nd of June 2019 Wooly gave birth to 12 puppies. She gave birth to 5 males and 7 females. Some puppies are still looking for responsible people, who will give them a nice home. We are looking forward to hear from you (susi.zimmerli@bluewin.ch)

05.05.2019 - Wooly is heavy with youngs

We are very happy and expect the puppies in the beginning of June.

Wooly and Heartbreaker Hitch.

10.03.2019 - 11 years Marsha and Daiva

On the 19.03.2019 Marsha and Daiva von der Bachtalen will celebrate their 11th birthday. We are happy and congratulate

Daiva von der Bachtalen.

Marsha von der Bachtalen.

19.12.2018 - Breeding approval

Urasgo Ulan von der Bachtalen and Why not Wooly von der Bachtalen were approved for breeding.

Urasgo Ulan von der Bachtalen.

Success on the show of 1st May in Leonberg.

Open Class Males:
- V2 Urasgo-Ulan von der Bachtalen
- V3 Sir Ruwen von der Bachtalen

Intermediate Class Males:
- V3 Warus-Wanjo von der Bachtalen

Intermediate Class Females:
- V3 Whynot Wooly von der Bachtalen

Open Class Females:
- V Uma-Umay von der Bachtalen

From the left: Sir Ruwen, Whynot Wooly, Warus-Wanjo, Uma-Umay und Urasgo-Ulan von der Bachtalen.

18.10.2017 - Update

New: Page of Wooly
Update: Update Page of Viva
New: Page W-Litter
Update: Webpage Litter planing

29.01.2017 - Layla has puppies

We are happy and proud. On the 21.07.2017 Layla gave birth to 12 puppies. 8 males and 4 females.

18.12.2016 - Layla is heavy with young

We are very happy and expect the puppies in the end of January.
Litter planning (click here)

03.12.2016 - Layla was mated successfully

Layla and Djuk vom Nonnenwald mated successfully. In four weeks the ultrasound will show if Layla is heavy with young. More informations Litter plannig

24.02.2015 - Viva von der Bachtalen has passed the Körprüfung

We congratulate and hope to soon welcome offspring.

05.11.2015 - Litter planning with Emelie

Emelie will be mated with Ursus vom Löwengarten. You can find more informations here

05.11.2015 - Offspring control U-Litter

Thanks to all the attending dogs and dogfriends. It is always a pleasure to see the fully grown dogs. Pictures

03.09.2015 - RIP Kim 23.04.2006 - 03.09.2015

Kim you keep on living through your daughters, sons and grandchildren. You will always be remembered.

28.04.2015 - Happy Birthday K-Litter

On the 25.04.2015 we celebrated the ninth aniversary of our K-Litter dogs.

28.04.2015 - get-together V-Litter

Dogs: Victora, Vanja, Viva und Voltan- Maylo. You can find some pictureshere.

24.02.2015 - All puppies have found a loving home

All puppies have found a loving home. We hope they will develop magnificently.

24.02.2015 - Tiffany-Lola von der Bachtalen has passed the Körprüfung

We congratulate and hope to soon offspring.

24.02.2015 - Update

Update: Gallery V-Wurf-Welpen
Update: Gallery S-Wurf

30.12.2014 - Layla has puppies

On the 18.12.2014 Layla gave birth to 15 puppies. The first 9 puppies were born natural. For the birth of the other 6 puppies a cesarian had to be done. Unfortunately only 8 puppies survived the birth.

25.11.2014 - Happy Birthday U-Litter

On the 25.11.2014 we celebrated the first aniversary of our U-Litter dogs. Pictures from the get-together you can find here.

22.11.2014 - Layla is heavy with young

We are very happy and expect the puppies in mid December.
Litter planning (click here)

26.10.14 - Spice Girl Layla was mated successfully

On the 18th and 19th of October Layla and Cool Comebye Nasch vom Vietingshof mated successfully. In four weeks the ultrasound will show if Layla is heavy with young. You can find more pictures under Litter planning (click here)

17.08.2014 - Swimming at Lake Thun

We spent a beatuiful day in Leissingen at the Lake of Thun with a few dogs of the U-Litter. I was pleased to see the dogs again. That day will remain in my memories forever. You can see the pictures here. click here

12.08.2014 - Happy Birthday J-Litter Jenga and Jana

We congratulate Jenga and Jana to their 11th birthday and hope they will stay healthy.

Jenga von der Bachtalen

25.07.2014 - Spice Girl Layla von der Bachtalen is international Champion

Spice Girl Layla wins at the internationalen Show in Klagenfurt (V1 CACIB) and therefore she is international Campion now.

22.06.14 - Pictures of the show in Aarau

click here

11.06.14 - Piroshka von der Bachtalen is heavy with youngs

More Information

Kontakt: nussbaumer@loewe-falkenstein.ch

30.05.2014 - Happy Birthday

We wish all the best to our P- and Q-"Puppies".

30.05.2014 - Show Results

Nürnberg: V1 CACIB championclass
Clubshow Antharing: V2 Championclass

Spice-Girl Layla
Nürnberg: V1 open class
Biebesheim: V1 open class
Leonberg: V open class
Clubshow Antharing: V1 open class

Tiffany Lola
Nürnberg: V1 intermediate
Biebesheim: V4 intermediate
Leonberg: V4 intermediate

24.04.2014 - Happy Birthday

We wish all the best to our K-"Puppies".

19.03.2014 - Happy Birthday

We wish all the best to our M-"Puppies".

22.12.2013 - Update

Pictures of the puppies

Happiness and sadness at the same time

The sadness about the loss of our beloved seniordogs Jannty and Sheela von der Bachtalen is enormous and they will be in our hearts forever.

Jannty-Jill von der Bachtalen 12.08.2003-17.11.2013

Sheela (Iuschka-Idis)von der Bachtalen 02.01.2002-02.11.2013

The birth of Emelies puppies is decreasing the pain of the loss. We are very fortunate about the freshlyborn nine puppies.

Welpen U-Wurf von der Bachtalen 25.11.2013

27.10.2013 - Emelie is heavy with young

We are very happy and expect the puppies in the beginning of December.

30.08.13 - Emelie was mated successfully

Two days ago Emelie and Skjaergaardens PS I Love you mated successfully. In four weeks the ultrasound will show if Emelie is heavy with young. You can find more pictures under Litter planning (click here)

21.08.2013 - New litter

All informations you can find here (click).

12.08.2013 - Happy Birthday J-Litter

Ten years ago the puppies from the J-Litter were born. Congratulation Jannty, Jana and Jenga. First picture: Jannty, Second one: Jana

13.04.2013 - Oberon

Oberon, geboren am 28. Dezember 2009 in der Bachtalen, verbrachte sein bisheriges Leben in einem Grossrudel mit acht anderen Hunden und den verschiedensten Tieren, wie Katzen, Ponys und Ziegen. Er ist nicht kastriert, da bis jetzt keine Veranlassung bestand.
Aus familären Gründen suche ich einen neuen Lebensplatz für ihn in ländlicher Umgebung.
Wer gibt ihm eine Chance?
Es würde mich freuen, wenn sich jemand angesprochen fühlt und ich auf diesem Wege den Lebensplatz für Oberon finde, den er verdient hat!

01.01.2013 - Happy Birthday I-Litter

Congratulations to the three girls Ianita-Ira, Iuschka-Idyll und Iamira von der Bachtalen from the I-litter 2002.

22.12.2012 - And again 10 weeks are over...

All six puppies have found a good and beautiful new home. With some new owners connects me quite a long friendship and it is not their first Leonberger from my breeding. For me it is always a sad moment when I have to say goodbye to my puppies, but the certainty that they are in good hands, makes the parting much easier.

The year-end is approaching with big steps - a moment to pause, reflect, and also to say thank you. Thank you for the long-term confidence in my Leonberger breed and the many memorable moments.

I wish all friends quiet and peaceful Christmas and a lot of fun with the dogs. May the year end in harmony, peace and leisure and the new year bring all the things you wish you.

I look forward to hearing of your adventures with your four-legged friends!

Warm greetings
Susi Zimmerli & Family

13.11.2012 - T-Litter

New photos of the puppies can be found at the Photogalery (click here).
One female puppy of the t-litter is still looking for a new home.
All the puppies are well.

06.10.2012 - Hurrah, hurray, the babies are here!!!!

We are overjoyed at the birth of Kim and Jascha's beautiful puppies. On 1 October Kim brought four sweet Girls and two strapping Boys into the world. Kim lovingly cares for her puppies, so those daily gain weight and thrive.

29.08.2012 - Kim is heavy with young

We are very happy. Kim and Fivas Jasch will have puppies. The expected date of birth is in the beginning of October.

Picture: Kim-Kylie

02.01.2011 - Happy Birthday

05.09.2011 - Photos of the puppies

New photos of the puppies can be found at the Photogalery (click here). Two puppies of the r-litter are still looking for a new home. A male (turqois) and a female (orange or yellow)
All the puppies are well, also Kims puppies. Photos from Kims litter will be uploaded soon.

28.09.2011 - Kim has puppies

On the 27th of september Kim gave birth to 8 puppies. We are happily surprised by so many puppies. More photos will follow.

18.09.2011 - Fumia has puppies

On 12th of september Fumia gave birth to two male and females. The 4 puppies are growing fast and Fumia is a great mother

Kim-Kylie is also in calf

The puppies will be born soon. We await them the next weekend. More informations will follow

Succes for Orissa-Emilie and Quana-Lana

Emilie won in Besancon was meilleure femelle (CACIB) and Quana was the best young dog (meilleure jeune).

12.08.2011 - Diffrent News

Fumia is pregnant.

Through ultrasonic sound it could be shown that Fumia is in calf. We are very happy and estimate birth around mid september.

Kim was mated

We are happily that Kim-Kylie was mated successfully with Skjaergaardens Ps I Love You. More informations will be presented soon.

Happy Birthday J-Wurf

Congratulation to Jana, Joya, Jenga,Jessi and Jannty for their 8th birthday.

20.07.2011 - Fumia was mated

On the 14th and 15th of July Fumia was mated by Charly Loewe vom Berngurgerland gedeckt. We are happy and expect puppies in the middle of September.

Click here for more informations

06.07.2011 - Shows and litter plans

Fumia is finally on heat. More informations are provided after mating.

Show in Erfurt 18 and 19.06.2011:

Kim Kylie: V1 Champion class
Emilie Orissa: V1 intermediate class

Fumia Felicita sulle orme di Antigua: V1 and BOB
Emilie Orissa: V1 intermediate class

21.05.2011 - Emilie wins Clubshow in Austria

Results of Emilie in this Spring:

Leonberg 1. Maischau: V1 Intermediate class
St. Gallen: V1 Intermediate class (CAC)
Anthering: V1 Intermediate class (CAC) Clubsiegerin und BOB.
Salzburg IHA V1 Intermediate (CAC, CACIB, BOB).

Quana had a successful spring as well:

Fribourg: class of the youngest VV1
Offenburg, youth class sg2
Leonberg 1. Maischau: youthclass sg1(CAC)
St. Gallen: youthclass sg1
Anthering: youth class V3

20.05.2011 - Happy Birthday

Herzlichen Glückwunsch to the 11th birthday:
Unfortunately, Himbra, Hermes, Hiskia and Heika died in the last year.

02.01.2011 - Happy Birthday

On the 2nd of January in 2011 was the ninth birthday of our I-Litter. Congratulations. Unfortunately three male dogs died in the last year.

30.10.2010 - Polyneuropathie gentest of the Leonberger

Test results from P-litter and from Q-litter. All this dog are free from LPN1-Mutation für Polyneuropathie.

17.10.2010 - Big socces in Cluny

Quana- Lana von der Bachtalen won the puppie class.
Emeilie- Orissa von der Bachtalen became V in the youths class.
Kim- Kylie von der Bachtalen becam V3 in the champion class.

16.10.2010 - Big socces in Lausanne

Emelie- Orissa von der Bachtalen won the youths class and she became youths winner in Lausanne.

08.08.2010 - Polyneuropathie gentest of the Leonberger

Test results our dogs. All our dogs are free of the LPN1-mutation for Polyneuropathie.

30.07.2010 - New Puppies Pictures from the Q-Litter

24.07.2010 - New Puppies Pictures from the P-Litter

06.06.2010 - BOB of Sheela at the Swiss Clubshow

Congratulations to Sheela von der Bachtalen, who won the BOB Clubshow in Uster with the age of 8.5 years.
Further Successes in the vetran class:
Heika von der Bachtalen V2
Hiskia von der Bachtalen V4
Iltschi Ami Noir von der Bachtalen V2
Further Successes in the open class:
Marsha-Minea von der Bachtalen V4
Minera-Dayva von der Bachtalen Sg
Further Successes in the puppie class:
Orissa-Emily von der Bachtalen vsp.

Moreover the dogs won the breeder group.

22.05.2010 - Fumia has born the P-Litters

Fumia has born 2 female dogs and 1 male. All are in good health.

20.05.2010 - Happy Birthday

On May 20th seven of ten dogs from the H-Litter reached the age of ten years. Congratulations.

14.04.2010 - Puppies?

After mating Fumia and Jannty we hope for puppies.
more informations

16.02.2010 - Update

Photos of the puppies

03.01.2010 - We have puppies

On 28.12.2009 Kim gabe birth to three puppies. Two male and one female.

12.12.2009 - Update


26.11.2009 - Kim is pregnant

We are lucky that Kim will have her first puppies. More Informations: Litterplanning

20.10.2009 - Geisha died

Unhappy we had to let Geisha go on 28th August because of bone cancer.

06.05.2009 - Show results

01.05.2009 - Leonberg. V1 for Iltschi ami noir von der Bachtalen in the hounry class. V2 for Kim-Kylie von der Bachtalen in the Champion class. Sg for Marsha-Minea von der Bachtalen in the youth class. 02.05.2009 - Dortmund Kim-Kylie VDH Europewinner (BOB)

21.03.2009 - Update Fotogallery

Fotogallery N-Litter

03.03.2009 - Fumia is mated

For the second time Fumia sulle di orme Antigua was mated with Iltschi ami noir von der Bachtalen. The offspring is pretended for Mai.
Litter Planning

15.02.2009 - Big succes in Fribourg

On Saturday Fumia won the open class (CACIB and CAC) and is now Swiss Champion. Leona von der Bachtalen (daughter of Jannty-Jill von der Bachtalen) won the youth class.
On Sunday Marsha von der Bachtalen (daughter of Fumia) won the youth class. Kim-Kylie von der Bachtalen was second in the open class.

12.02.09 - Happy Birthday

09.02.2009 - Leonessa wins

The daughter of Jannty won in Talinn her third CACIB. Congratulations.

08.02.2009 - Jannty is mother

On 20.01.2009 Jannty`s puppy was born by cesarean. Mother and son have endured the surgery without problems.

06.11.2008 - Update

Update: Fredi und Bim

20.05.2008 - Happy Birthday

We wish all the best for eigth birthday of the H-Litter.

23.04.08 - Leos are searching nice families

Five weeks ago the puppies were born. The 500 grams weithy calm puppies became four kilogram Puppies. At the moment two she-dogs are searching a good family.

23.04.08 - Happy Birthday

We wish the K-Litter a happy Birthday.

06.04.2008 - Big Family

Because of the blood poisonig of Fumia after she gave birth to her puppies, everybody had to care for the puppies. Since Fumia returned the big and the small Leonberger present themselfs as a lucky family.

21.03.2008 - 6 Puppis for Fumia

We are very happy about the 6 puppies Fumia gave us during the Wednesday 19.03.2008. Fumia is very happy about her two male and 4 female puppies.

Fumia is pregnant

At the ultrasound the vet saw some puppies. We`re looking forward to eastern when the birth is estimated. We are very lucky and hope that it will be all fine.

12.02.2008 Happy Birthday

We congratulate Goliath, Gorak, Galina und Geisha to their 9th birthday.

10.02.2008 Victory in Biebesheim

Kim-Kylie won the specialbreedingshow in Biebesheim. She was the best of breed from 148 competitors. One of them, her mother Geisha, achieved place four in the senior class.

20.01.2008 Successful Mating

Cause of the successful mating of Fumia and Iltschi we are hoping for many little Leos. The birth is estimated on the end of March.

01.10.2007 Victory for Geisha in Leonberg

Geisha von der Bachtalen has already an age of eigth and a half. Although she is still fit. To our pleasure she won in Leonberg Yesterday. Unfortunately Geisha`s children didn`t have the same succes. Kim-Kylie, Kiwa and Kuno von der Bachtalen received alike Felicita-Fumia a very good.

01.11.2007 Jannty is Mother

In the early morning of September 11th Jannty gave birth to the first unfortunately dead puppy. Later two female and one male were born. Very lovely Jannty cared for her puppies.
So that they grew up very fast (3,8kg / 3.6kg / 2.8kg).

Jannty is pregnant

We are happy to tell that Jannty is pregnant. We attend the puppies on the 9th of September.

08.07.2007 Offspring is coming

The second time Jannty-Jill von der Bachtalen travelled to her bridegroom Anouk du Clos des Jaunières to Belgique. After three days of wedding holiday in Belgium we hope that Jannty will give birth to a lot of gorgeous puppies.