The Leonberger-Gang von der Bachtalen congratulates:
the L-Litter, Lenny and Leona to the ninth birthday (11.09.2007)
the R-Litter to the fith birthday (18.09.2011)
the S-Litter to the fith birthday (28.09.2011)
the T-Litter to the fourth birthday (01.10.2012)
the U-Litter to the third birthday (25.11.2013)
the O-Litter to the seventh birthday (28.11.2009)
the V-Litter to the second birthday (18.12.2014)

We live in Oftringen, a small village, close to a forest. This place is predestinated for animal husbandry. The dogbreeding developed over the years based on te love to the animals, loads of motivation and big engagement. Since 1987 over a hundred puppies were brought to the world. Four of those, Emelie, Quana, Layla and Viva, are still enjoying and sharing the grassland with other animals. Beside our dogs, mini pig Fredi and his friend Sebastian Schweinsteiger, our five cats: Bläcky, Miki, Tarzan, Alejandro and Susu, chicken and rabbits are living here.